Can You Install Microsoft Office 2013 On Mac

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How To Install Ms Office 2013 On Mac

The Cheapest Way to Get Office Today

So, if you want to purchase Office today, and not get it as part of a subscription, then here’s your options:

Office Web Apps

I know, I know: it’s not real Office, but it’s close enough for basic use, and it’s free. It’s the best option if you really need to go cheap on Office. Check out my full review of the Office 2013 refresh of the Office Web Apps at Web.AppStorm, or go try them out for yourself at SkyDrive. You might be surprised.

Real Office

Ok, so you want real Office to install on your computer? Here’s the options today:

  • Office 356 — the subscription version of Office for Mac and PC
  • Office 2011 for Mac
  • Office 2013 for PC
  • Office 2010 for PC

Office 365

The first option — and easily the best if you have more than two or three computers — is Office 365 Home Premium, Microsoft’s new subscription for Office. For $9.99/month or $99.99/year, you can run Office on up to 5 computers (Macs or PCs), get 20Gb extra Skydrive storage (a $10/yr value, though even that’s way cheaper than, say, extra Dropbox storage), and 60 minutes of Skype calls per month (worth around $20/yr). You’ll get full Office — Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, as well as Access and Publisher on a PC. If you’d pay for Skype and extra Skydrive storage as well, and have 5 computers in your household, it works out to around $14/computer/year.

Office 2011 for Mac

Mac users don’t have a new version of Office yet, but even still, the existing version of Office got slapped with the same 1 computer per copy of Office restriction. The good thing is, there’s still copies of the original Office 2011 Home and Student Family Pack on Amazon, and it’ll still get all of the latest updates. That’ll get you Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for up to 3 Macs in the same house for ~$120. That’s $40/Mac, and if you use it for 4 years without buying an upgrade, that’ll cost $10/Mac/year.

Office 2013 for PC

If you want Office 2013, even just for one computer, you’re likely best to go with Office 365. Your cheapest options, otherwise, are Office 2013 Home and Student for $139.99, and Office 2013 Home and Business for $219.99. The former gets you Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote for home use, while the latter adds Publisher and Access and is licensed for business use.

Office 2010 or older versions

But you know what? Office 2010 or 2007 is still a good option if you’ve got a copy around, and if you’re not feeling like you’ve got to have the latest features, then your best value would be to stick with what you have. Office 2010 is still quite similar to 2013, and even 2007 is enough up-to-date to keep you from feeling too behind.

That’s a wrap

So, that’s a lot to consider, but hopefully it’ll help you find the best option to buy Office for your PC or Mac in 2013, or get around having to shell out for it. The Office Web Apps on SkyDrive really are a great option, and older versions of Office still are a great value option — especially if you already own them.

Can You Install Microsoft Office 2013 On Mac Free

I set up the VM, and everything was looking fine and worked smoothly.

Can You Install Microsoft Office 2013 On Mac Pro

Does anyone know how to overcome this issue?

How To Install Microsoft Office 2013

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